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Firework Burner GFB-003
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T M International LLC is the maufacturer of the SafePass Fireworks Burner. Our SafePass            GFB-003 is a product that was developed by TMI to safely dispose of fireworks and certain explosives in a controlled manner. With the uncertainty of fireworks disposal, it is easier and safer to dispose of stashes in our unique product.

The SafePass Fireworks Burner GFB-003 is made from our patented weave design Ballistic Shields. This product has the unique ability to control near blast fragmentation while reducing peak pressure.

The Fireworks Burner is not a one time use product - it can be used daily and give you years of safe serivce. Fireworks disposal is one of the most hazardous jobs out there and we do not believe it should be. 

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